...started in 2006 as a group of friends putting on performances in a unique nano-venue at Glastonbury, Boomtown, Shambala, Bestival and other UK festivals. 


What started as a group of 8 has now become 80 plus, and with that growth comes a whole spectrum of talent and collaboration covering the visual arts, music and new technology/media.

The venue has evolved to encapsulate the festival ethos as the intimacy of the space dissolves the boundary between the performer and the audience.

The relaxed lounge room atmosphere combined with the charisma and talent of the performers, and the spontaneity of the audience creates a unique environment.

The growth of the Collective and its reputation has enabled us to take on new and exciting ventures, partake in a wider range of events and focus on a number of community projects. This year we are working with young people to introduce the arts as a form of engagement that enriches lives and communities, as well as running three PFR Takeover events across the winter, taking the festival venue to indoor urban spaces in Bristol, Manchester and Hastings.


The People's Front Room Collective is available for private parties and corporate events and can be hired in a number of arrangements or bespoke to your requirements. The collective can bring a personal and unique experience to private and corporate events, and can be hired in conjunction with our sister company The Utopian Tent Company.


As a Collective we are constantly moving and expanding, introducing and promoting a variety of performers and practitioners. 2016 saw the growth of the venue in its physical form and the securing Arts Council Funding.


Please keep up to date with us by signing up to our email newsletter, and get in touch with any ideas for future collaboration.

The performers and crew live as a family and work as a collective and they invite you to join in the camaraderie.


You are invited to immerse yourself in an intimate and surreal world of sculpture, photography, videography, painting and textiles whilst engaging with unique

cutting-edge music, poetry and performance.